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CR73 rail

  • E1806 E1809 E1817 E2009 E2055 E2039 PR309 PR401 PR601 Rail Clip

    Contact NowE1806 E1809 E1817 E2009 E2055 E2039 PR309 PR401 PR601 Rail ClipThe elastic rail clip or so called spring clip is one of the very important components in rail fastening system. With the deformation of bending and twisting, the elastic rail clip fastened the rail on track, keep and maintain the integrity of the track and avoid the movement of the rail in both...Read More

  • Unit Spring Rail Anchor to Suit 115lb Rail TR37 Rail TR45 Rail TR57 Rail TR68 Rail

    Contact NowUnit Spring Rail Anchor to Suit 115lb Rail TR37 Rail TR45 Rail TR57 Rail TR68 RailDiffered with drive on rail anchor, the spring anchor is of different shape. The unit spring anchor is one of the spring anchors, besides, there’s another type of rail anchor which is called channeloc rail anchor. The material for the spring rail anchor is 60Si2MnA or high grade alloy spring...Read More

  • Spring Steel Rail Elastic Spike

    Contact NowSpring Steel Rail Elastic SpikeThere’s a special rail spike called elastic spike. The elastic spikes are made of spring steel. There’re double shank elastic spike and single shank screw spike. The single shank elastic rail spike is manufactured by shearing the double shank elastic rail spike, as what we have as left spike and...Read More

  • Rail Deenik Clip

    Contact NowRail Deenik ClipDeenik clip is mostly used in the SA market, like Columbia, Brazil. The diameter of the rail deenik clip ranges from 12mm to 16mm with both round steel bar or flat steel bar. The surface of the rail deenik clip is normally painted red or blue. The material of the rail deenik clip os 55Si7 and...Read More

  • Steel Reinforced MK6 Crane Rail Pad

    Contact NowSteel Reinforced MK6 Crane Rail PadCrane Rail pad: The crane rail pad is used under the crane rails. The crane rail pad is specially designed for the soft mounting of crane rails, being mounted either continuously on steel or mixed on concrete and steel, along with the crane rail clips. Our crane rail pad is produced with natural...Read More

  • ISCOR57 ISCOR30 Steel Rail

    Contact NowISCOR57 ISCOR30 Steel RailWith annual output of more than 1000,000tons, we can supply various kinds of light rail, heavy rail, crane rail, grooved rail according to different international standards such as GB, ASTM, BS, UIC, JIS, EN standard. We have a warehouse near Shanghai port to ensure the fastest delivery. We...Read More

  • AREMA Tie Plate for 115RE Rail 100lb Rail

    Contact NowAREMA Tie Plate for 115RE Rail 100lb RailAREMA tie plate This direct fixation tie plate also called PANDR*** tie plate is used with an elastic clip. This tie plate is widely used in the NA market. We have developed 115re tie plate, 132re tie plate, and 100lb tie plate. These tie plates are available for 5 1/2” and 6’ rail base width...Read More