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HS32 clip bolt

  • Deenik Clip Rail Fastening System

    Contact NowDeenik Clip Rail Fastening SystemDeenik clip rail fastening system The deenik fastening system is widely used in South America. Rail deenik clip is produced with round or square steel bar, material is 60Si2MnA, 55Si7 or equivalent. The deenik clip offers an increased elasticity and fatigue resistance, it has a relatively longer...Read More

  • SKL1 SKL3 SKL12 SKL14 SKL 15 SKL21 Vossloh SKL Clip Tension Clamp

    Contact NowSKL1 SKL3 SKL12 SKL14 SKL 15 SKL21 Vossloh SKL Clip Tension ClampVossloh tension clamp is widely used all over the world, the shape of vossloh tension clamp is W, so we also called it W clip. We can supply vossloh tension clamp in the following types: Vossloh tension clamp: SKL1, SKL2, SKL3, SKL12, SKL14, SKL15 Shanghai Bosheng Industries is specialized in...Read More

  • Metro Rail Fastening System with E Clip

    Contact NowMetro Rail Fastening System with E ClipRail fastening system The rail fastening system is used to fix the rail onto sleeper, to maintain the gauge and prevent the rail from moving vertically or horizontally. There’re various types of rail fastening systems used for wooden sleeper, concrete sleeper, steel sleeper. The following rail...Read More

  • 14mm Rail Gauge Lock Clip

    Contact Now14mm Rail Gauge Lock ClipGauge lock clip, mostly used in Argentina, Bolivia. The material used for gauge lock clip is 60Si2MnA or 38Si7. We have supplying the GL1419 gauge lock to Argentina for years. The surface of the gauge lock clip is normally paint red. The hardness of the gauge lock clip ranges from 44-48HRC....Read More

  • BS80A BS100A UIC60 PA66 Nylon Insulator for E Clip Fastening

    Contact NowBS80A BS100A UIC60 PA66 Nylon Insulator for E Clip FasteningThe rail nylon insulator also called insulating liner, it is used to adjust rail gauge and provide electrical insulation for the rails from the clips or shoulders and ties.. The material used for rail nylon insulator is PA6 or PA66 with 30% glass fiber. The color of the rail nylon insulator can...Read More

  • HS26 HS32 Clip Bolt

    Contact NowHS26 HS32 Clip BoltThe clip bolt is also called T bolt, hook bolt, clamping bolt. The types and sizes are various. Some of the common types are HS26 clip bolt, HS32 clip bolt and the BSW 7/8” clip bolt which is widely used in certain regions Shanghai Bosheng Industries is specialized in the supplying of rails,...Read More

  • Rail Anchor Bolt U Bolt J Bolt

    Contact NowRail Anchor Bolt U Bolt J BoltWe supply anchor bolt and threaded anchor rods in a variety of different configurations and specifications. The anchor bolts can be square head, hex head or heavy hex head. The anchor rods we have can be threaded on each of the end of fully threaded. We also have bent anchor bolt, like 90 degree...Read More

  • S18 S20 S30 S33 KPO3 KPO6 MTH Rail Clip

    Contact NowS18 S20 S30 S33 KPO3 KPO6 MTH Rail ClipThe rail clip also named clamping clip is one of the very important component to fix the rail. We supply standard boltable rail clips, adjustable boltable rail clips and weldable rail clips. For most of the rail clips we supplied are KPO3 clip, KPO6 clip, S18 clip, S20 clip, S30 clip, S33 clip,...Read More