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UIC60 steel sleeper

  • JIS15kg JIS37A JIS50N CR73 CR100 Steel Rail

    Contact NowJIS15kg JIS37A JIS50N CR73 CR100 Steel RailWith annual output of more than 1000,000tons, we can supply various kinds of light rail, heavy rail, crane rail, grooved rail according to different international standards such as GB, ASTM, BS, UIC, JIS, EN standard. We have a warehouse near Shanghai port to ensure the fastest delivery. We...Read More

  • Pressed Steel Weld on Shoulder

    Contact NowPressed Steel Weld on ShoulderWeld on shoulder is mostly forged, it is welded on a flat steel plate instead of a tie plate. The most common use of the weld on shoulder is on steel baseplate and steel sleeper. The weld on shoulder is designed to provide the optimum lateral resistance and maximum clip toe load. We can supply...Read More

  • Steel Sleeper

    Contact NowSteel SleeperThe use of wooden of sleeper is becoming less due to the inadequacy of wood resource and for concrete sleeper, although it has long life span, but its anti-vibration performance is not good and from a long term perspective, it is difficult to meet the demand for high speed railway, heavy load...Read More

  • Cast Iron Shoulder to Suit 50kg Rail UIC54 Rail UIC60 Rail

    Contact NowCast Iron Shoulder to Suit 50kg Rail UIC54 Rail UIC60 RailThere’re mainly two types of rail shoulders: cast in shoulder and weld on shoulder. Cast in shoulder also named cast iron shoulder, cast hook in shoulder or elastic shoulder which is pressed in concrete sleeper and used together with E clip to fasten the rails. The material for this kind of cast...Read More

  • Fishplate for 38kg Rail 43kg Rail UIC54 Rail UIC60 Rail BS75A Rail Joint Bar for 115RE Rail

    Contact NowFishplate for 38kg Rail 43kg Rail UIC54 Rail UIC60 Rail BS75A Rail Joint Bar for 115RE RailFishplate also named joint bar, splice bar, is a connecting fastener used for the connection of rails. We supply different kinds of fishplate suited for all kinds of rail sections. Fishplate for light rail: 8kg fishplate, 9kg fishplate, 12kg fishplate, 15kg fishplate, 18kg fishplate, 22kg...Read More

  • Concrete Sleeper

    Contact NowConcrete SleeperConcrete sleeper also called cement sleeper or concrete pillow is made of cement, sand, gravel and high strength steel with the characteristic of anti-water and anti corrosion. The life span of the concrete sleeper is long and it has good insulation and the maintenance cost is cheap. Standard...Read More

  • SS5 SS8 SS23 SS25 SS35 Rail Sleeper Screw

    Contact NowSS5 SS8 SS23 SS25 SS35 Rail Sleeper ScrewThe rail sleeper screw spikes are used to fasten the sole plate and ribbed baseplates to wooden sleepers. If the sleeper in use is concrete sleeper, the rail sleeper screw spike is used together with a plastic dowel, the plastic dowel is prepressed in concrete sleeper. The thread size of the...Read More

  • BS80A BS100A UIC60 PA66 Nylon Insulator for E Clip Fastening

    Contact NowBS80A BS100A UIC60 PA66 Nylon Insulator for E Clip FasteningThe rail nylon insulator also called insulating liner, it is used to adjust rail gauge and provide electrical insulation for the rails from the clips or shoulders and ties.. The material used for rail nylon insulator is PA6 or PA66 with 30% glass fiber. The color of the rail nylon insulator can...Read More

  • Vossloh W14 W21 Rail Fastening System for Concrete Sleeper

    Contact NowVossloh W14 W21 Rail Fastening System for Concrete SleeperSKL clip rail fastening system The vossloh fastening system is made up screw spike, screw dowel, SKL tension clamp, guide plate and rail pad. One set of vossloh fastening system include: 4 screw spike + 4 screw dowel + 4 SKL tension clamp + 4 guide plate +2 rail pad We have supplied vossloh W14...Read More

  • Wooden Sleeper

    Contact NowWooden SleeperThe railway sleeper is traditionally made with wood in the past days, however nowadays the use of concrete sleeper and steel sleeper are becoming popular. Anyway, the use of wooden sleeper still occupies a big amount. The advantage of these hardwood railway sleeper is obvious which is its...Read More