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  • Rail Fast Clip for Rail Fastening

    Contact NowRail Fast Clip for Rail FasteningFast clip is another type of elastic rail clip. The fast clip is manufactured in the shape of letter M which is specially designed for the mechanized track renewals which requiring automated clipping machines or hand tools. One of the key feature of the fast clip is the new plastic seal plate,...Read More

  • SKL1 SKL3 SKL12 SKL14 SKL 15 SKL21 Vossloh SKL Clip Tension Clamp

    Contact NowSKL1 SKL3 SKL12 SKL14 SKL 15 SKL21 Vossloh SKL Clip Tension ClampVossloh tension clamp is widely used all over the world, the shape of vossloh tension clamp is W, so we also called it W clip. We can supply vossloh tension clamp in the following types: Vossloh tension clamp: SKL1, SKL2, SKL3, SKL12, SKL14, SKL15 Shanghai Bosheng Industries is specialized in...Read More

  • AREMA Tie Plate for 115RE Rail 100lb Rail

    Contact NowAREMA Tie Plate for 115RE Rail 100lb RailAREMA tie plate This direct fixation tie plate also called PANDR*** tie plate is used with an elastic clip. This tie plate is widely used in the NA market. We have developed 115re tie plate, 132re tie plate, and 100lb tie plate. These tie plates are available for 5 1/2” and 6’ rail base width...Read More

  • Casting Baseplate

    Contact NowCasting BaseplateBaseplate also called tie plate, sole plate or rail plate is a steel plate which is used to support the rails. Baseplate is used between the sleeper and the rail, so it is also called sleeper plate. Our baseplate can be rolled, casted or forged. The baseplate also enables the fastenings to be...Read More

  • 14mm Rail Gauge Lock Clip

    Contact Now14mm Rail Gauge Lock ClipGauge lock clip, mostly used in Argentina, Bolivia. The material used for gauge lock clip is 60Si2MnA or 38Si7. We have supplying the GL1419 gauge lock to Argentina for years. The surface of the gauge lock clip is normally paint red. The hardness of the gauge lock clip ranges from 44-48HRC....Read More

  • Fishplate for 38kg Rail 43kg Rail UIC54 Rail UIC60 Rail BS75A Rail Joint Bar for 115RE Rail

    Contact NowFishplate for 38kg Rail 43kg Rail UIC54 Rail UIC60 Rail BS75A Rail Joint Bar for 115RE RailFishplate also named joint bar, splice bar, is a connecting fastener used for the connection of rails. We supply different kinds of fishplate suited for all kinds of rail sections. Fishplate for light rail: 8kg fishplate, 9kg fishplate, 12kg fishplate, 15kg fishplate, 18kg fishplate, 22kg...Read More