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Rail Fastening

  • HS26 HS32 Clip Bolt

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    HS26 HS32 Clip Bolt

    The clip bolt is also called T bolt, hook bolt, clamping bolt. The types and sizes are various. Some of the common types are HS26 clip bolt, HS32 clip bolt and the BSW 7/8” clip bolt which is widely used in certain regions Shanghai Bosheng Industries is specialized in the...Read More

  • Square Head Bolt and Heavy Hex Head Bolt

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    Square Head Bolt and Heavy Hex Head Bolt

    The square head bolt and hex head bolt is of various sizes. We offer full sizes and full grades. The surface of square head bolt and hex bolt can be plain, black, zinc, hdg, dacromet etc. We can produce any kind of square head bolt or hex bolt according to customer’s...Read More

  • Rail Anchor Bolt U Bolt J Bolt

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    Rail Anchor Bolt U Bolt J Bolt

    We supply anchor bolt and threaded anchor rods in a variety of different configurations and specifications. The anchor bolts can be square head, hex head or heavy hex head. The anchor rods we have can be threaded on each of the end of fully threaded. We also have bent anchor...Read More

  • SS5 SS8 SS23 SS25 SS35 Rail Sleeper Screw

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    SS5 SS8 SS23 SS25 SS35 Rail Sleeper Screw

    The rail sleeper screw spikes are used to fasten the sole plate and ribbed baseplates to wooden sleepers. If the sleeper in use is concrete sleeper, the rail sleeper screw spike is used together with a plastic dowel, the plastic dowel is prepressed in concrete sleeper. The...Read More

  • Heat Treated High Tensile Screw Spike

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    Heat Treated High Tensile Screw Spike

    High tensile screw spike are what we called heat treated screw spike with a min tensile strength of 120000psi, yield strength 92000psi and elongation 14%. This high tensile screw spike is produced according to ASTM A66-87 standard and wax coated on the threaded part. Shanghai...Read More

  • AREMA 5/8 Inch Track Spike

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    AREMA 5/8 Inch Track Spike

    Rail spike is also called dog spike or track spike. The rail spike is used in wooden sleepers. It directly fixes the rails and baseplates to the sleeper. The rail spike keeps the rail in gauge, it is a very cost effective solution for securing rail in track. We supply a wide...Read More

  • Spring Steel Rail Elastic Spike

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    Spring Steel Rail Elastic Spike

    There’s a special rail spike called elastic spike. The elastic spikes are made of spring steel. There’re double shank elastic spike and single shank screw spike. The single shank elastic rail spike is manufactured by shearing the double shank elastic rail spike, as what we...Read More

  • Fe6 Double Spring Washer

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    Fe6 Double Spring Washer

    The railway washer is used together with the rail bolt and nut. We have both flat washer and spring washer available. The spring washer is available in both single type, double or triple helical spring washer. We have most of the common types of spring washer in stock: Fe6...Read More

  • AREA High Strength Heavy Lock Washer

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    AREA High Strength Heavy Lock Washer

    Our AREA spring washers are designed to exceed all applicable AREA specifications. These high strength heavy lock washers are made from high grade steels and heat treated to provide years of service under the most extreme conditions of shock, vibration and environment. The...Read More

Bosheng, with over 20 years experience, is one of the most professional rail fastening manufacturers and suppliers in China. All products offered here are consistent with international standards. Please feel free to buy the quality rail fastening at reasonable price with us.