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Cam bolt

  • Square Head Bolt and Heavy Hex Head Bolt

    Contact NowSquare Head Bolt and Heavy Hex Head BoltThe square head bolt and hex head bolt is of various sizes. We offer full sizes and full grades. The surface of square head bolt and hex bolt can be plain, black, zinc, hdg, dacromet etc. We can produce any kind of square head bolt or hex bolt according to customer’s drawings. Shanghai Bosheng...Read More

  • HS26 HS32 Clip Bolt

    Contact NowHS26 HS32 Clip BoltThe clip bolt is also called T bolt, hook bolt, clamping bolt. The types and sizes are various. Some of the common types are HS26 clip bolt, HS32 clip bolt and the BSW 7/8” clip bolt which is widely used in certain regions Shanghai Bosheng Industries is specialized in the supplying of rails,...Read More

  • Rail Anchor Bolt U Bolt J Bolt

    Contact NowRail Anchor Bolt U Bolt J BoltWe supply anchor bolt and threaded anchor rods in a variety of different configurations and specifications. The anchor bolts can be square head, hex head or heavy hex head. The anchor rods we have can be threaded on each of the end of fully threaded. We also have bent anchor bolt, like 90 degree...Read More

  • Button Head Oval Neck Track Bolt

    Contact NowButton Head Oval Neck Track BoltTrack bolt also called fish bolt, fishplate bolt is used for the fishplate to connect the rails. The track bolt or fishplate bolt we supplied can be of different grade, it can be heat treated or non-heat treated. Our track bolt or fishplate bolt are supplied together with our fishplate. The...Read More