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Fe6 spring washer

  • Unit Spring Rail Anchor to Suit 115lb Rail TR37 Rail TR45 Rail TR57 Rail TR68 Rail

    Contact NowUnit Spring Rail Anchor to Suit 115lb Rail TR37 Rail TR45 Rail TR57 Rail TR68 RailDiffered with drive on rail anchor, the spring anchor is of different shape. The unit spring anchor is one of the spring anchors, besides, there’s another type of rail anchor which is called channeloc rail anchor. The material for the spring rail anchor is 60Si2MnA or high grade alloy spring...Read More

  • AREA High Strength Heavy Lock Washer

    Contact NowAREA High Strength Heavy Lock WasherOur AREA spring washers are designed to exceed all applicable AREA specifications. These high strength heavy lock washers are made from high grade steels and heat treated to provide years of service under the most extreme conditions of shock, vibration and environment. The ductility of the lock...Read More

  • ULS6 ULS7 Flat Washer

    Contact NowULS6 ULS7 Flat WasherWe supply ULS6 and ULS7 flat washer for screw spike. The surface of the ULS6 and ULS7 flat washer can be plain, zinc or hot dip galvanized. We can supply any type of flat washer from size M6-M150 according to your requirement. The material used for the UIS6 and ULS7 washer is normally Q235....Read More

  • Spring Steel Rail Elastic Spike

    Contact NowSpring Steel Rail Elastic SpikeThere’s a special rail spike called elastic spike. The elastic spikes are made of spring steel. There’re double shank elastic spike and single shank screw spike. The single shank elastic rail spike is manufactured by shearing the double shank elastic rail spike, as what we have as left spike and...Read More

  • Fe6 Double Spring Washer

    Contact NowFe6 Double Spring WasherThe railway washer is used together with the rail bolt and nut. We have both flat washer and spring washer available. The spring washer is available in both single type, double or triple helical spring washer. We have most of the common types of spring washer in stock: Fe6 25mm double helical...Read More